Raul - 2 years old

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"Modern Day Orphans" - that's what we call them, because - as times have changed - our broken world has changed, too. Many of the children who we help through our Safe Hearts project, by definition, are not orphans. They, very likely, have a living parent, or parents. Yet, sometimes, circumstances force these children into abandonment. Sometimes they are removed from abusive homes, and sometimes - as unthinkable as this is - it is their own parents who attempt to sell them into slavery and exploitation. So, we fight for these children, too. You won't see photos of their faces for their own protection, but they are worthy of our care and of our support.

Sponsorship Plans

Safe Hearts Project

Sponsorship Plans

Micah - 7 years old

Mari - 3 years old

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These precious siblings are homed with a foster family in our Safe Hearts Project care program.  Their foster mother runs a little shop where she sells things at a roadside stand, and this is the first time she is fostering. They live very close to the school, which is convenient for the family.  They are well cared for, and now they are safe. You can be a life-changer for these children and play a significant role in their safety by keeping them in foster care. Details of their circumstances will not be shared publicly, but donors will receive periodic updates about them.