Our Little Lambs Medical Fund -  Hearts of Hope

Please stay tuned as we develop our sponsorship program in partnership with Love Without Boundaries. Details to come in summer/fall 2018.

‚ÄčWe partner with existing organizations that
are doing really good work in the world.

Our "Say Yes" Adoption Grants

We know firsthand how costly the adoption process is, and it pains us to think about families saying "no" to adoption for fear of the financial burden. We've partnered with Holt International (and hopefully more adoption agencies in the future) to offer "Say Yes" grants which offset that initial application fee, and help families leap forward in complete faith with their "yes" to adoption. We issued SEVEN grants in 2017. In 2018, we raised our grant amount from $300 to $500 and have issued SIX grants in the first half of 2018! We have also formed a partnership with Ignite Hope, Strategic Prayer for Orphan Care and each of our grant recipients receives a complimentary strategic prayer partner to walk with them on the journey!


Our "Trinity Orphan Care" Fund - Sponsoring those in need

We'll never know how our son Daniel's story may have changed had he received medical intervention as a young baby. The heart of our mission is meeting children's medical needs early on to give them the best chance at long life. You can read all of the beautiful details surrounding this upcoming event, and the young lady behind it, through the "Hearts of Hope" event tab at the top of the page. The mission of this charitable fundraiser is to place a pulse oximeter into 250 chinese orphanages. A pulse oximeter measures how much oxygen is in your blood. Low oxygen saturation (hypoxemia) in blood can impede body function, harm vital tissues, and can be life threatening. Since 2012, the use of pulse oximetry for screening of congenital heart defects has become routine, but for children in orphanages, this simple, life-saving device is not available to them.