Our ORPHAN SUNDAY 2018 impact

With over $16,000 raised during Orphan Sunday weekend and with our Giving Tuesday campaign, we've been able to help sustain the following programs to fight child trafficking through our Safe Hearts Project:

  • St. Ann’s Home in Guyana - a mission which serves to sustain the girls who have already been identified as neglected. The girls at St. Ann’s have been abused sexually and physically and they have been abandoned on the streets.  Often these girls are brought to St. Ann’s because there is nowhere else for them to go.  The Ursuline Sisters in Guyana care for these girls providing shelter, love, good nutrition, health care, counseling, education, and protection. The Sisters serve these girls in every way - the mind, the body, the soul, the heart.  St. Ann’s is a true sanctuary, a refuge for these unwilling refugees.

  • Laura Vicuna Center in Manila Philippines - assists in the care of the 25 girls who have been identified as street children who fell victim to abuse and/or trafficking. Funds are used to provide education, medical intervention, counseling, promotion of the appreciation of the sacrament of marriage.  With these intentionaland specific actions with these children the hope is that future abuse of any kind is thwarted. The Salesian Sisters of the order of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians minister to these specific children and bring about change round the clock. Their engagement in the community also serves as prevention to future abuse because they spend their time in the streets talking to children and even parents.

  • Safe Haven - a stable foster care program in Cambodia for children who have been trafficked or abused to ensure they have a secure and nurturing place to land.  All children receive the medical and nutritional support they need, as well as specialized educational help so they can attend school, often for the first time in their lives.


Orphan Sunday 2018