For this year's Orphan Sunday initiative presented at St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic Church, Open Hearts for Orphans partnered with a Catholic organization to serve orphans in a life-giving way - orphan prevention. Out of concern for mothers who wish to save their unborn children's lives, a Catholic religious order operates this safe place where where pregnant Chinese women - in a land where it can be deemed illegal to give birth to a second child without a permit - are hidden and can give birth in secret. They are taught skills and often relocated for their safety. Sometimes their babies will be placed in orphanages, and sometimes not - but at least birth mothers are given the care they need, and their babies have a greater chance of survival and good health. The sisters who risk their lives to do this hard and holy work in a communist country have dedicated their lives to this ministry, which has been blessed by the Vatican. Our goal is to raise as much as possible towards the $21,900 need, which funds the care of approximately twenty-five birth mothers and their infants for a whole year. This project is so secret in nature (for the safety of those involved) that project information is prohibited from copy and from social media. Please help us support this critical pro-life movement. If you missed our presentation and wish to contribute financially, donations can still be made on the donation link below or checks payable to: Open Hearts for Orphans can be mailed to: Open Hearts for Orphans, P.O. Box 8074, Delray Beach, FL 33482.

This project was
FULLY FUNDED for 2018!