4 years, 7 months

Auggie - after one year in a family

a chinese orphanage

a cry for RADICAL change

a Chinese orphanage

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Auggie - at adoption (Ukraine)

It's not easy to look the orphan crisis in the eyes, is it?  The truth is, it’s quite devastating if you really take time to digest the magnitude of this problem. Sometimes the most heartbreaking thing about fighting for special needs and orphaned children around the world is the nonchalance, lack of compassion and complete indifference to human life, simply because that life began in another country, in another culture, in another part of the globe.

As Christians, it shouldn’t just be our option to care about the vulnerable and the marginalized; it should be our very privilege and battle cry no matter where they are.  In fact, it’s our calling and commandment.

Because in the end, we are not just Americans or Westerners or members of any one class or group. In the end, we are ALL just one of HIS. But slowly in this country, we’ve stopped running to ALL of His. We’ve become desensitized, and our senses of urgency have become tragically dulled to the ones who need us most. We need RADICAL change in this world.

You may not know that international adoptions in the United States have decreased more than 80% since 2004, and that many adoption advocates estimate that - at this rate - international adoption may become completely extinct by 2022.  Does that make you cringe, too? Here in this space, we stand unequivocally behind the rights of children to grow up not as orphans but in families; not in institutions, but in homes. 

Research shows the long-term scars that institutional care and lack of early attachment leave on a child for the rest of his life. And although we believe that a loving family in a child’s birth country is the most beneficial so a child can easily maintain his culture and heritage, we know that it is not always possible. When an adoptive family is not viable or available in his or her home country, his human right to grow up in a family where he can enjoy attachment, protection and provision should not be relinquished. No child is better served by living in his home country as a forever orphan in an institution than by growing up in a different culture as a beloved son or daughter.

It's easy to sit back and wonder how one can even make a dent in this overwhelming problem. But the truth is, we cannot afford to sit back. We cannot afford to be silent. We cannot afford to do nothing. Because in many cases - and for many sick, needy and special needs superheroes - it could literally mean death.

With Michelle at Of Capes and Combat Boots, another passionate mama who's in this fight, we have created a special toolkit to inspire and guide you in the battle, because we absolutely must engage in the war to save international adoption. We know that, ultimately,  adoption of EVERY kind has the ability to heal, transform and even save children’s lives. And if we don’t speak for the voiceless and the vulnerable, who will?

"Orphan Care Warfare" is a simple, prayerful, five-step guide to advocacy. As we take inventory of our everyday personal blessings, let us remember, and pray for, the forgotten ones — our little brothers and sisters in Christ scattered throughout the world. The Lord calls us to care for them. Will you put on the armor of God and get RADICAL with us?  Click on the image below for your free downloadable guide.