Why partner with LWB for our orphan sponsorship program?

Because they are a solid organization we have known and trusted for years. From their top leadership to their board members and volunteers, they are honest and dedicated to sacrificing themselves for the sake of bettering the lives of vulnerable children. In this partnership, Open Hearts for Orphans has found our "niche" of working to secure stable sponsors for children whose futures may not hold the promise of forever families. We are also stepping up to stand in the gap for children who have been deemed extremely critically ill or even "terminal". We believe that - though their lives may not be long on God's green earth - it will be our greatest honor to serve them all. We trust that our wonderful and generous donors will embrace this program with open arms and open hearts.

How do I know my money is being used wisely?

We trust our partnership organizations implicitly, and we have steps in place to monitor our sponsorships and maintain the information stream for our donors. Open Hearts for Orphans has earned the GuideStar Platinum Seal of Transparency for 2018 and we take that honor very seriously. If there are ever any concerns, we urge our donors to contact us directly.

Is a long-term commitment required?

While it is our hope that you will be willing and able to financially assist your sponsorship child(ren) on a long-term basis, we certainly understand that sometimes things change and that isn't possible. There is no "contract" here, only the hope that the gift you receive from giving keeps you firmly planted to the privilege of your sponsorship commitment.

In partnership with
Love Without Boundaries Foundation

What is included for my partial or whole-care sponsorship donation?

The healing room/baby home care sponsorships provide total care for the children including:



medicine (as necessary)

full-time nanny care

on-staff nurse at the home

social worker

preschool teacher/programs

What information will I receive about the children I choose to sponsor?

As a committed sponsor, you will receive detailed monthly updates and photos (when possible) of your sponsorship child(ren).