These beautiful children have been adopted into loving American families and their parents use pulse oximeters at home daily.

These children are, thankfully, now receiving the medical care they need and deserve. 

Thanks to some very generous sponsors, many wonderful silent auction items, and tons of fun at our Hearts of Hope event in September 2017, Carmelina's fundraiser brought in almost $15,000! What we've learned, since this initiative began, is that the need and the scope of this endeavor is much greater than we anticipated. We would be so appreciative if you would lock arms with us, in partnership with Little Hearts Medical, to continue fundraising for Hearts of Hope!

Phase one of this project provided thirteen units to medical foster homes where medically-fragile children and babies are cared for, and Phase two delivery provided four more units in 2018! Very specific and specialized equipment was necessary for monitoring these children. Twenty two more units have been purchased and will be delivered in 2019 with staff training provided by Little Hearts Medical.

Hearts of Hope