Our "Trinity Orphan Care" Fund

These are some of the projects we have  supported through your generous donations to our ministry.

In the Spring, we partnered with Caring for China's Orphans ("CFCO"), a Nashville, TN based 501(c)3 non-profit has been serving orphanages in China since 1995. They currently work with ten homes that have various needs. The largest has over 700 children and runs like a well-oiled machine. On the other end of the spectrum is their newest orphanage in the province where our daughter, Lulu, is from. In 2016, the Executive Director received a call from one of the volunteers on the ground in China. She had come across a small orphanage with approximately forty children (ages infant through teenager) in dire need. The orphanage was nearly out of food, and the conditions were staggering. CFCO mobilized, raised a small amount of money and sent their volunteers in with formula, food and diapers. Last summer, the Director was able to visit the orphanage, and though CFCO will send supplies and support the needs of all of the homes they work with this year, the urgent needs of this newest orphanage compelled them to focus their ministry here in 2017. Thanks to your generous support, we raised just over $2,000 that was used to accomplish the following:
1. Hire a plumbing specialist. This home with forty children had no indoor plumbing. They needed a small bathroom with at least a sink and commode installed. They need a way to wash clothing. Many of the older children are still in diapers. They now have two working toilets and a functional bathtub (the children were being bathed in a small bucket.)
2. They replaced all of the mats the children were basically living on and where they were sleeping to provide a safer and more sanitary environment.
3. Clothing and daily needs. CFCO shipped boxes of clothing and supplies to the orphanage and carried additional supplies on their mission trip in May.
4. Laundry. CFCO hoped to install a washing machine once the plumbing was fitted; However, they are still working on logistics. Due to the fact that there is essentially only 1-2 people caring for this large number of children at a time, they feel it would be beneficial to provide a monthly laundry service to support the children and the caregiver(s). The best course of action is still being determined to ensure the children are provided with clean clothing.

Here are a few of the photos and we hope you can see the need is great, and a difference was made! Thank you!

Our Little Lambs Medical Fund - Saving Baby Qiu

  • A new baby girl arrived at Dew Drops (China) home the first week of January, 2017. Her name is Qiu (秋 autumn). She was three months old and very small. Her orphanage said she has an ear deformity and a minor heart issue, but she also has a cleft lip on her right side, and they believe she has Goldenhar syndrome. In her medical assessment, the Dew Drops team found out her heart defect was not as "minor" as her orphanage thought. She had a large PDA (over 5 mm) and an ASD (3 mm), which has caused Qiu to have severe lung complications in the past months. Even with all these medical issues, Qiu was described as a sweet baby who "still smiles and talks often like a normal baby who fights for a good future." She gained 230 grams in one week of care at Dew Drops! Qiu was admitted to Huaxin hospital on January 8th and as she waited for heart surgery, which she needed as soon as possible. The estimated cost is about 30,000 RMB, which is about $4,400. Open Hearts for Orphans raised approximately $800 towards Baby Qiu's surgery, which took place at the end of February. Qiu was discharged from the hospital from her PDA repair and is back in the care of Dew Drops. We will continue to accept donations, and thank you so much for all you have done to assist in providing her with care!
  • In November, 2016, we partnered with Little Hearts Medical to purchase a pair of surgical loupes. Since 2012, Little Hearts Medical has partnered with hospitals and healing homes in China to provide medical intervention and support for abandoned children and also children of impoverished families. Their U.S. based team of Pediatric Cardiologists, and Cardiothoracic Surgeons travel to areas of China, and provide catheter-based interventions, open heart surgeries, training and educational collaboration. Helping to construct the foundation for pediatric cardiac care in China is an essential element of their organization, and they strive to help provide the equipment necessary to save lives.  We are proud that our first fundraising project EVER was to raise $1,347.50 for an additional pair of surgical loupes to assist in the live-giving efforts of their mission. Can you just imagine how many little lives this pair of glasses is going to save?
  • In December, 2016, after I'd prayed for direction for this part of our ministry, the Holy Spirit connected us with the director of an orphanage in Tanzania. After one divine phone conversation with Father Mark about our shared passion for God's precious children, we decided to partner with Adorer Missionary Sisters of the Poor and raised $3,275 to assist with living costs for the 84 children in their care.