One of our missions is to shine a light on
orphaned children with Down Syndrome.

“DS” – those two letters, in some cultures, very sadly stands for “Death Sentence,” yet these precious children are such gifts to the world! Some countries have only, in the past ten years or so, allowed children with Down Syndrome to be available for adoption – another tragic reality for those who were forgotten. This beautifully-designed “Downright lovable” shirt was created by artist Cady Driver and all proceeds for this special effort will be designated for orphaned children with Down Syndrome.

UPDATE 6/30/18: Through our Downright Lovable campaign, we raised enough funds for THREE "Say Yes" grants to give to families who are in the process to adopt a child with Down Syndrome! THANK YOU for your support!

We have decided to REOPEN the One Mission Store in hopes of giving more "Say Yes" grants to deserving families!