Three year old Leah was found abandoned with her brother and sister.  Along with family care, Leah is also enrolled in a Sibling school.  She enjoys playing inside with toys rather than outside.  Leah’s transition to her foster family was a little difficult at first, especially with her foster father.  She was very fearful of the new family, however, after just a month, the relationship is building and we look forward to seeing her flourish.  It is wonderful that she could remain in family care with her two siblings while this transition takes place.



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Two year old Kira was found abandoned with her older brother and sister.  Along with family care, Kira is also enrolled in a Sibling School.  Kira is very smart and aware of what is going on around her.  She never wants to be left out of what is happening, and always wants to be sure her siblings are around as well.  While Kira is still transitioning to her new foster family, is was noted that she does not cry a lot and quietly plays with toys.  She enjoys riding on toy cars and watching cartoons.  Family care with her brother and sister will be imperative to her growth and development.

Sibling group:  Five year old Tate was found abandoned with his two younger sisters (pictured below). Tate is enrolled in a Believe in Me Preschool where he is learning and growing.  Tate is such a helpful big brother to his two sisters.  Tate’s foster family is making such a difference in his life, and he now has the opportunity to grow and thrive as a child should.

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Two-year-old Talia joined the Foster Care Program after being found abandoned. She is adjusting well to her foster family and loves to eat!  She eats all kinds of foods and enjoys both mealtimes and snacks!  She adores the family cat!  Talia is thriving in family care!

Timothy is a very smart and gentle 5-month-old, and he is gaining weight very well since coming into foster care as an infant. Timothy has two toys. He plays with one at night and the other during the day. He is clearly thriving in foster care!

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