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"Say Yes" Adoption Grants

Our aim is to help help families take that initial leap of faith to say "YES!" to adoption through our "Say Yes" adoption grants.


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Little lambs medical fund

Through various projects, and partnerships with organizations in place, our aim is to help provide necessary medical interventions for medically-fragile orphaned children.

How we Serve

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We have adopted five precious children and our love crossed oceans to China for all of them. We brought home our daughter Madi, our first child, in 2006. Our first son, Daniel, joined our family in January 2010. He was a beautiful little two-year-old boy living in a Chinese orphanage with a broken heart. Daniel's Chinese name was {is} "Weifeng" which translates to "Great Mountain," and he faced every obstacle with brave determination and a smile on his face. After four months of embracing new life in our family, Daniel's heart surgery took place in May of that year, but much to our sadness, his body couldn't recover from the open-heart surgery that he desperately needed, and he joined his eternal Father in Heaven on Trinity Sunday. We went back to China three times after Daniel passed away to bring home our sons Charlie and Joseph, and then our daughter, Lulu, in 2016. Our angel made a lasting imprint on many hearts, and Open Hearts for Orphans is our beauty from ashes ministry created to care for orphaned children in his memory. He will not be forgotten, and we give all glory to God for the gift of his life.

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Our aim is to meet the most basic needs of orphaned children worldwide.

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