As of January 1, 2018, we have received three generous donation checks from Sage Harvest totaling almost $1,000 from Steadfast + Immovable mug purchases! Since the owner, Leia, shares a heart for heart babies, we directed these funds to two adorable heart babies. The first is a little blue-lipped boy named Toby. He is blessed to be in the care of Morningstar Foundation in China and had a dream team of dedicated American doctors come to his aid to turn those blue lips pink! Thank you so much for taking part in healing his broken heart! The second was a precious little one named Adriel "Addie Brave". Our hearts were shattered when she gained her angel wings the day after we made our donation for her heart surgery. She made us want to fight for the lives of these warriors even more! Proceeds from ALL Steadfast + Immovable mugs are still being donated to our cause while supplies last! You can grab yours here.

We have partnered with an awesome company called Sage Harvest. They are giving 100% of their proceeds to OHO for all "Steadfast + Immovable" mug purchases! Here's what the gracious and open-hearted owner of Sage Harvest, Leia, had to say about this fundraiser:

Faith can move mountains…

and so can one courageous mama and her precious angel baby, Daniel. Daniel’s Chinese name was “Weifeng," which translates to “Great Mountain,” and he was a brave and fierce little heart warrior born in China. His mama, my friend Lisa Murphy, traveled to China in 2010 to make him a cherished son and to bring him home to be healed, but, tragically, Daniel went to heaven just four short months after joining his forever family.

But this precious "Great Mountain" baby wasn't done with his work on this side of heaven, and even after his passing, he is still moving mountains on earth for the fatherless. His incredible mama took immense grief and enduring love and boldly made something beautiful out of the brokenness. Today, Daniel and Lisa are fighting the most noble of fights for other sick and orphaned babies through their charity, Open Hearts for Orphans.

We would love to honor this incredible mama, her baby and the organization they started together, and we think it’s pretty appropriate to bring back our steadfast + immovable mountain design in order to do so. Here's to hoping that faith, a mama's love, one great-as-a-mountain baby boy, and maybe even a few mugs and a little jerky, can move mountains for the fatherless. If you would like to join us and Lisa in claiming hope for other orphaned children, you can purchase our steadfast + immovable enamel mug at the link below while supplies last, and 100% of the profits will go to Open Hearts for Orphans.

"Great Mountain Baby" Fundraiser